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Wrap Yourself in Fine Silk and Cashmere

Because Too Many Is Just Enough!

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We've traveled to the mountains of Kashmir to bring you the finest, hand-loomed scarves and carpets. You can find some of the finest woven crafts available anywhere, fabulously soft in gorgeous colors and patterns.

Each Tafta, for example, is hand-spun from Khangaru goat hair and woven on hand operated looms by local craftsmen. Unimaginably luxurious, light and warm, you can tuck one in your purse to guard against a cool summer evening's breeze, or tuck it around your neck to keep you toasty even in the coldest winter winds.

Silk Silhouettes, custom made in small batches for us, are light as a butterfly's wing and just as delightful to look at. Beautiful colors hand-dyed on fine silk, they offer a dash of elegance at the yoga studio and a flash of fun for an evening out on the town.

And the carpets... Each one is a masterpiece, each silk knot tied by hand onto a foundation of silk according to the weaver's family's traditional patterns. Soft as a bunny's ear, these incredible works take years to complete. Find out more about how they are made.

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Sometimes, too many is just enough...